A warm embrace or hug, which soothes many hurts, calms fears & gives confidence to reach for the stars.

The Beginning…

On March 6, 2007, a few like-minded people got together to hold a discussion on how they could carry forward the dream left unfulfilled by (L) Satender Bahadur, who lost his 15 year battle with Leukemia (CML), of reaching out to those in the hill areas who have very little or no opportunity to progress in life. Satender’s desire was to portray God’s love and compassion through action and assist those, especially women and children, of the remote villages of the hill regions of Uttarakhand and other states of North India, who do not enjoy the privileges that their counterparts do in the bigger towns and cities. The meeting led to the birth of AAGOSH Trust, which was formally registered on 8th June 2007.

AAGOSH, meaning warm embrace or a hug, which soothes many hurts, calms fears and gives the confidence to reach for the stars. The Trust is being managed by its Director, Mrs. Ameeta Bahadur (w/o (L) Satender Bahadur), along witha group of dedicated, professional and amicable men and women representing various professional fields of science, education, theology as well as the corporate & NGO sectors.

From the Director

To fulfill the desire of my late husband, Satender Bahadur, was what prompted me to take up the challenging project of developing S. B. Memorial School in Andheri.

With an experience of 30+ years of working with various NGOs, both national & international, in the area of education, community development, housing for the poor and underprivileged, I took up the challenge to reach out to the children of this remote village, with a special emphasis and stress on the motto of the school – “Educate. Enlighten. Empower.”

Thankful for the constant support of all the dedicated professionals, academicians and educationists, who have supported me in this endeavour as founding Trustees, as well as the tremendous amount of love & support that I have received from well-wishers and friends, I continue to work with passion & enthusiasm to bring about a difference in the lives of the children and thereby, through them, to the community at large. It is my desire to see the fulfillment of the dream of my husband, which was to embrace the less privileged, portraying God’s love and compassion through action, thereby, inculcating in themselves a spirit of self-worth.

The school continues to strive towards building self-confidence in the children and enhance their God-given skills & abilities to help them develop their full potential.

And towards this goal, I move on…

~ Ameeta Bahadur